Sunday, 28 November 2010

I just sent a message to someone I care very deeply about who is off to the other side of the world to create a new life with his GF.

This is rad, I am so happy for him.

But its only now, when you realise that they wont be in the same country/hemisphere as you. How much you love/value them.

We both suck at organising hang outs.

But I hope he has the best time, and I cant wait to see him when he eventually returns.

I love you MB.



Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Im never on here because I love Tumblr more......

Rant - I apologise
Today has been my worst day of work, not so much in terms of work load, but the way I’ve felt/been spoken to.

I get sick of the shitty comments people feel the need to make about my appearence, beliefs and values.

Not that I value the opinions of the morons at work, but when you spend 8 hours a day with people, it can get on your tits.

I spent 3/4 years losing weight, and people still feel the need to comment about my size.

I have to wear cargo trousers/a baggy tshirt for work, so its hardly flattering. I will never be teeny tiny, but thats something I am over. When the comments are coming from morbidly obese morons I get even more fucked off.

I go to work wearing head scarves, and have done since I started, only now is it that people feel the need to comment about them. Hilda Ogden?? Yes, well thats fucking original.


I dont smile at work, because I hate my job.

I dont eat animal products because I dont agree with killing another living being for my own enjoyment.

I listen to ‘shit’ music because it makes me fucking happy.

I read BOOKS because I would hate to become as small minded as you.

I have fluffy hair because my hair dryer is broken, and until I get a new one I am blessed with shitty hair. I am full aware my hair is a mess before I come to work, I do look in a mirror.

I voice my opinion/question things when I think something is wrong. Because calling someone a dyke/fag/nigger/paki/tranny is just beyond scummy.

I NEVER bite back, and I never say anything negative to anyone at work, because its not my place to say it, but I swear if I get one more SHITTY ass comment from anyone at work, be it a ‘hilarious’ joke, an un pc remark, a comment about my size/hair/features/breasts etc etc I will go postal.

Im sorry I needed to vent, I just want to sleep and never wake up, and I hate that Im feeling like this all over again.

Thank you work, you are destroying me, YET AGAIN.

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Im not too sure I'm into zines that are so passionate about 'Cunts'.

Im still to finish the book 'Cunt' as I found it too intense.

This weekend has made me think about alot of things.....

Im just voicing my opinion.

Thursday, 26 August 2010

I have exciting news, but I am going to wait 'til its confirmed next week, then I'll tell all. 2 people know, but Im wanting to keep this close to my chest so I can share my excitment with everyone later.

But I am REALLY excited, and I cant wait for things to happen.

Rough Draft 3 is coming together ok (some AWESOME grrrls interviewed already), I've set a deadline for the Alt Press Fair in November which is cool, as I dont want it to be too rushed. I've decided that I only want to 'showcase' mainly females/grrrls from now on. I've only really included 2 guys and that was in 2, its not a sexist thing, its, well....yeah.

I'm also put the wheels in motion for a one off (possibly) zine.

Ive been veggie for 5 years, and more recently vegan.....(since November)and I wanted to put together a zine that celebrates, if you will, veganism, animal rights, recipes et al, people talking about why they went vegan, groups/organisations that encourage veganism/supporting animal rights and people who are pro-active within the animal rights movement.

Unlike Rough Draft, where I make no money from it, I will charge something for this zine, and ALL the money will go to charity (SS or AA possibly as they mean the most to me)

Im going to get the ball rolling over the weekend, before my busy day on sunday.....

More Crackers Please...... SO FUCKING EXCITED.

Le Tigre are one of my ALL time favourite bands, and knowing that I am going to be watching the film surrounded by some REALLY cool grrls celebrating and raising money for Ladyfest is the best feeling ever.

Surround yourself with positive things.....

PS: I got a tumblr......sorry.

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Got 'em!!!!

People who follow me on Twitter will know how much I bang on about Sleigh Bells.

Incredible album, Incredible band......I just want to see them with a good bass/speaker set up and I will be so content.

Basically check them out if your into Le Tigre/Cold Cave mixed with The Bird And The Bee. (worlds worst comparisons)

If you don't like these bands, then firstly, you and I shouldn't be friends, and secondly, you probably wont like Sleigh Bells.

I am keeping fingers and toes crossed that they reply to me sharpish.

Saturday, 21 August 2010

You're the cookie, and I'm your crumb........

Some rumours going around that Lemuria are playing 3 UK shows in Jan.


I WILL be going to all 3.

Fuck the distance, this band are totally worth it and I am beyond stoked.

Friday, 20 August 2010

Start spreading the news..........

This time next week I will have paid my deposit for my holiday to New York in Feb/March 2011.

To say I'm excited is an understatement - Im making a list of things to do whilst I'm there.

Im going to be skint for a few months now so I can save up and spend a fair few hundred whilst I'm out there, but I don't care.

I shall be taking lists, mainly from the best, for things to bring back, mainly food/toys.

Be prepared to see plenty more posts about this.